Who is on your campus?

Visitor Fit: Secure your campus

Visitor FIT helps you know who is on your campus?

Visitor Fit makes your campus safer and more secure by verifying and screening people. 

Visitor Fit helps campuses identify the people on their campus and screens for criminal records. It’s quick, It’s simple, It’s cheap, and it will keep the campus safe. 

Customer User or Campus Admin?



Visitor Fit Criminal Record Screening
With Visitor Fit Signing up is easy, it’s just name, address, email and phone. Visitor Fit costs $20 to do all the look-ups, so have your credit card ready.

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Verify ID or Passport

Visitor Fit Criminal Record Screening
Once you hit submit, Visitor Fit will send you to our Visitor Fit App. The app does an amazing job of capturing a picture and reading your driver’s license, state ID, or passport. Just follow the simple instructions.

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Take A selfie

Visitor Fit Criminal Record Screening
The next screen asks you to takes 2 selfies. 
We take those to compare your picture against the ID, and we use that picture in the Visitor Fit App, as your ID pic.

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Criminal Record Check

Visitor Fit Criminal Record Screening
With Visitor Fit all of this happens behind the scenes. 
We check your criminal record, the sex offender database, active arrests, warrants,  and watchlists, including OFAC, SAM.Gov, and dozens of other sources match against our criteria. 
If you pass the criteria check; we issue you a Visitor Fit Credential! 
If you don’t; we don’t issue a credential, no one knows anything other than you don’t have Visitor Fit. We never release any information to anyone.

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UR Visitor FIT!

Visitor Fit Criminal Record Screening
Now visitor fit has approvedYou, you can use the App/Visitor Fit Credentials at any participating Visitor Fit campus. We are pretty sure you know of at least one campus. 
Many campuses are enrolling and it’s free for all campuses. So, now that you are Visitor Fit wouldn’t it be nice if every campus was?

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Visitor Fit User FAQs

Common questions and answers for Visitor Fit Applicants/Members

Visitor Fit Criteria

  • No more than 2 misdemeanors or felonies in the last 7 years.
  • No sex offenders.
  • No Felonies with Violence.
  • No Active Warrants.
  • No Watchlists.
  • No open arrests. 

Please do not apply, there are no refunds.

There are no refunds, the process provides a user verification, document verification and criminal record check and once these are performed, they cannot be “unperformed”.

We strongly recommend that you order a criminal record search from a credible provider and deal with the legal authority that is wrongly making the assertion.

You are welcome to reapply to Visitor Fit at any time. We use state of the art automated AI systems that use the most current information. If your information changes, we will be aware of it usually within 30 days of the changes. This delay may be less or more, some legal authorities do not update their data any sooner than every 30 days

Once the screening has been completed you will be issued an app with login and password. This app allows you to change a photo once per year. Please keep in mind that this photo change involves facial recognition verification, so anyone who would try to replace a picture with someone else’s picture would not be successful.

No, we only look at convictions that involve misdemeanor and felonies.