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Visitor Fit secures campuses

Visitor Fit identifies who is on your campus.

Are you who you say you are?
Am I letting a criminal on campus?

It’s simple, quick and easy. Watch the webinar!


We ask that you simply tell us that you are going to refer your visitors to Visitor Fit by signing your campus up. This way if you need help or if we have updates we can contact you.

We also recommend updating your visitor policy. if you don’t have one, we have great examples at the bottom of the page.

Also, one of us will contact you to set-up your free Visitor Management Solution.

Download & Create
Your Visitor Policy

Visitor Fit Criminal Record Screening

K-12 Schools

Visitor Policy Template

Visitor Fit Criminal Record Screening

Universities and Colleges

Visitor Policy Template

We provide a simple visitor policy template, use ours, create your own,
or cut and paste some of the good stuff from ours into yours.


Criminal records require you protect the applicant’s privacy. How would you protect  applicant’s privacy?

With Visitor Fit, the system pulls the criminal record, makes the determination and then destroys the data, leaving behind only the determination. Basically they are approved on the criteria, or not.

No privacy issues for Visitor Fit, or for your organization. And it’s done in seconds!

Visitor Fit Criminal Record Screening

eliminates Campus INvolvement & liability

Who exactly would look at everyone’s criminal record?
Who exactly would determine if someone’s criminal record met the criteria? How?

Who would verify the user? Validate the identity? and do a criminal records check?

Visitor Fit uses artificial intelligence with strict criteria to determine “fit” and only issues an applicant with an approval or denial.

No privacy or liability issues ever occurs.


So, someone has to pay for all these criminal reports.
You don’t have a budget for it. Even if you did that budget would come from somewhere, right?

Visitor Fit handles the costs by passing it onto the person who benefits from it, the member.

Members can use the Visitor Fit ID at any participating campus: Schools, Colleges, Government Facilities, Corporate Campuses and Hospitals.

Visitor Fit Criminal Record Screening

Includes visitor management

What? Free Visitor Management? Yes, that’s right!  We provide you with a state-of the art Visitor Management systems.

Our system provides: 

Implement a policy that requires Visitor.Fit

If we may be so bold, we provide a simple privacy policy template that helps you outline your visitor policy and includes prescreening with an identity check and a criminal check.

It’s your policy not ours. You can make certain that employees, students, administrators, temporary employees, vendors, parents and well whoever you like.

You get to include or exclude who you wish.


At the bottom of this page are word documents by campus-type provided as a template.  We made it so that you can make it your own. Check out the template options click here.

Visitor Fit

Common questions and answers for Visitor Fit Campus Administrators

Yes! Our campus safety and security solution called: IDentifyED not only does all the screening, but can issue an App ID, and an HID smart card. Find out more here:


Yes, this is common as well. For example; some campuses pay for all employees and/or all students (for education campuses), and then ask that visitors, vendors, parents and temporary employees pay for their own membership.  They may also do this so that they can assure “outsiders” that they can maintain the privacy of non-campus members.

No, not on Visitor Fit. This information is retained only for the initial screening. IDentifyED’s campus scareening solution does have this option. 

No, not on Visitor Fit, this information is retained only for the initial screening. IDentifyED’s campus screening solution does have this option. 

Yes, this information is automatically populated into the visitor’s campus record the first time a visitor is registered with your campuses IDentifyED visitor management system. This information is also available as an API call for some additional certified technology vendors and certified campuses.

Yes, it’s common for a large campus, college, hospital or corporate campus to require that either everyone gets screened or that employees or students all get screened and they either use grants, or other ways to fund the screening. Call us for a quote and we can set your campus up and running with screening and  IDentifyED so that you can create a safe campus.

Yes, this is common. Some campuses want “casual” visitors to only go through a sex offender screening. They want more permanent or visitors that are allowed to go past a certain point in campus to get a visitor fit screening, for example vendors that have all facility access, or parents that may chaperone a trip, or access the classroom. They also want all campus members which might just be employees or in education might be all employees and students. (college usually) to be screened before they are issued campus member credentials by IDentifyED.

Yes, IDentifyED has the ability to do user and document verification as an onboarding tool milestone prior to issuing IDentifyED’s credentials. This is a service entirely independent from Visitor Fit.

Yes, IDentifyED has the ability to do user, document verification and criminal record screening as an onboarding tool milestone prior to issuing IDentifyED’s credentials. This is a service entirely independent from Visitor Fit.

Yes, IDentifyED can be configured to retain this information. This is an entirely different service than Visitor Fit.

Yes, IDentifyED has the ability to do all the screening Visitor Fit can do, along with the ability to create user flags.

Yes, you can! Simply request that they get Visitor Fit. We will screen them and tell you that they meet the criteria.